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The Message of Elijah


"Babylon is Fallen"

Babylon Series

Revelations 14:8


Now! Today, while it is still called Today


"Come out of her my people"... ."My Saints will hear my Voice"

"Not by Might not by Power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord"


            "As we look back over history we can see a startling fulfillment of divine prophecy in the nations of earth, as history bears witness to the Word of God, Jesus Christ. We have seen the rise and fall of nations as they follow the blueprint of prophecy has drawn up by God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and The Most Holy Wisdom of God.  We see the fulfillment of God's Word, which establishes the utmost faith and confidence in us, to the Word of God, as we watch the present day prophecies unfold, before our very eyes....


By these things we should have the full assurance that Christ is coming soon. " 

excerpt from the book, "The 11th Hour of Our Time" by James T. Webb, Prophet of the "Everlasting Gospel", Revelations:14:6-7


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